Visual Expeditions

To walk slowly and to pay particular attention to one’s surroundings can bring immense pleasure. Everyday is an opportunity to enjoy visual delights and curiosities.

I live in a small historic town where many houses are under renovation. During my daily walks, structural conundrums often catch my eye. There may be just half a house standing with a whole roof precariously balancing on top or in another the exterior wall is peeled away to reveal an interior staircase leading to a corner room complete with the porcelain bathtub shining in the sun.


Intrigued by the transformation of space as walls disappear and roofs are opened to the sky, I see how what was once a sheltered enclosure is now exposed and vulnerable.

I am drawn to these places, literally.

I set up an ad hoc studio on the building site and chronicle the shifting structure and space using pastel, paint, chalk, and whatever cast off remnants are found on site. Then I carry the work back to my studio and let memory and material give new life to these old places.