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Poe Dismuke

Original artwork from Poe Dismuke's series of large format drawings featuring his character Stumble Bones.


Charcoal and watercolor on heavy weight, deckle edge paper

38" x 40"

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Man has always dreamed of flying above like a bird or traveling beneath the sea. This new work that I call “Alteranuims” does both, incorporating all things nautical, as well as dirigibles, airships and early aviation design. All the pieces have a well-worn patina of age, like the rusty hull of an old tanker, and use sticks, rope, wire, fabric, wooden gears and pulleys — the ad-hoc objects of workshops and factories — to take your eyes on a walk.

Taking a cue from Calder, the first person to make work live above the room, I designed the pieces to float just above eye-level with the work changing as one circumnavigates it.
— Poe Dismuke