The Sam Poe Gallery, Bisbee, Arizona.

SamPoe gallery works

The Sam Poe Gallery in Bisbee, Arizona, was opened by Sam Woolcott and Poe Dismuke in 2008 and after 11 years on Main Street they have recently relocated onto 33 Subway Street in the historic mining town of Old Bisbee. It is a contemporary art space featuring exclusively the work of husband and wife, Poe and Sam.

Poe Dismuke on his “Flying Pencil”


Poe Dismuke

Poe's work defies easy categorization. His kinetic sculptures and tabletop contraptions are part of a world where tipping ducks, yakking crows and disappearing mice co-exist happily. These mechanical marvels, ingeniously constructed from common materials, have the nostalgic appeal of well-loved toys.


Sam Woolcott

The paintings, drawings and prints by Sam are inspired by Bisbee's architectural idiosyncrasies. Fortified stone walls, steep staircases and hundred-year-old miners' cabins lend themselves to a near-abstract interpretation. Her fresh use of color and perspective capture the lively spirit of the town.