Into The Void

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Into the Void copy.JPG

Into The Void


Sam Woolcott

"Drawn on site at different stages of demolition, I reconstructed a void of light framed by a permeable plane.  When the walls and floor disappeared one day the skeletal structure was revealed.  Each new opening had a mysterious play of light and dark that drew me deeper in."


charcoal, acrylic and paper on canvas

48' x 48'

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In a theater, the proscenium is the vertical plane of space that separates the stage from the audience. It is called, metaphorically, The Fourth Wall.

The small town in which I live has many historic houses under renovation. With the owners permission, I occasionally set up a studio work space on site and draw along as the structures are transformed.

One day after all the workers had gone home, I sat in the shell of the house. The floor joists were exposed and the far exterior walls had been torn out. I was backstage now. The luminous space ahead beckoned. But the floorboards were gone and it would be a risky, if not perilous, crossing to the light, if I dared.

As an artist, I begin each day in a quiet, darkened backstage and then test my resolve to risk the crossing, to make my way through that metaphorical plane into the light.

This is The Proscenium Project.
— Sam Woolcott