"The Appropriate Show"

"Love it or Hate it, it's art and it's here to stay. We are proud to present the works of Eric Kasper and Ty McNeeley. Please join us for the opening celebration on January 9th at 6pm. Explore the mind of the artists in person. The show will run from January 9th thru January 24th.  

We believe in the power of art, the power it has to make us think about ourselves and our interpretations about the world around us. We challenge you to view Eric Kaspers art and consider where your interpretation derives from. We then challenge you to look at it from a completely different perspective. After all what good is art if it does not make you think.

This is a collaboration between SamPoe Gallery and Meggen Connolley."


It's that time of year again to dust off those books that are waiting to be cut, torn, painted, stitched, glued, drilled, and completely altered! This year we will be hosting the 5th Annual Altered Books show.

Saturday Nov. 14th, 2015 5-8pm.