Portraits of Southern France

Sketching Along the Rhone with Poe and Sam

Join artists / gallery owners Poe Dismuke and Sam Woolcott for a visual adventure along the Rhone River. Learn to explore the world around you in a fresh way using elements of gesture, composition and color. Delve into the artistic process to record your journey through wine country and town life, with a combination of seminars, demonstrations, and on-the-spot sketching.

You’ll create a personal Travel Log of your days along the Rhone. 

Workshop Includes: Basics of quick sketching * water media washes * pencil rubbings * color mixing * composition and more.

Learn how simply you can pack and carry essential sketching supplies. Capture the essence of architecture, people and landscape through daily sketching opportunities in these beautiful locals.

Cruise Details: 8 Days/7 nights with optional Paris or French Riviera Extensions

Highlights Include:

Avignon, Arles, Viviers, Tournon with wine tasting, Vienne with temple of Augustus & Livia walking tour, Lyon, cruising through Burgundy wine region, Beaune with wine tasting, and visit multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites along the way. Onboard curriculum includes private artist workshops with Sam and Poe in addition to onboard programs for food, wine, lectures on the painters of Provence and see how silk printing is done. Complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks with lunch and dinner!





Sketching Itinerary

Day 2, Arles Afternoon

Seminar #1, on board, 1 hour: Intro & Overview of Travel Log Sketching. 

We will demonstrate methods and materials for creating dynamic compositions using thumbnail studies, gesture drawings, focal points and value patterns. After a brief practice session you are free to ramble and sketch the streets of Arles that Van Gogh made so famous. 

Day 3, Avignon & Viviers Afternoon & Evening

Outings: Your afternoon is free to visually explore the town or to join the tour of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Sketch with Poe and Sam or on your own. After dinner we arrive in Viviers where an evening stroll and Café sketch opportunity are not to be missed!

Day 4, Tournon Morning Seminar #2, on board

During our scenic morning cruise we introduce you to quick sketching the active world of gestural figure drawing. Take you lines for a walk like Daumier and Degas. Learn how to use pattern and silhouette to lead the eye along. The scenes are moving now - learn how to respond in the moment. After lunch, bring your sketchbooks because it’s time for wine and chocolate. 

Day 5, Vienne & Lyon Morning & Afternoon 

Outing: Sketch with us along the streets of Vienne or find a corner to “pocket sketch” on your own. When we arrive in Lyon later, join us for café sketching or perhaps an evening stroll. 

Day 6, Lyon Afternoon Seminar #3, on board

After a grand tour of Lyon, we focus on the landscape and local color...of all kinds! How can we simplify a view so complex? How does the rhythm of the land translate to the page? How does color create the mood? We have time this afternoon aboard ship to practice all we’ve learned and prepare for tomorrow’s picturesque countryside. 

Day 7, Burgundy Wine Tour & Beaune Morning & Afternoon

Outings: Sketch with us in various settings throughout the day or find your own inspiration in the renowned region. Evening Finalé, on board: Save some energy for our final gathering aprè dinner. Time to view our Travel Logs, share insights of travel sketching and celebrate journeys to come!