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THANK YOU to everyone that came out to celebrate STUMBLE in his bound form! We couldn't have asked for a better reception with delicious nibbles provided by POCO, an appearance from our publisher Jon Linton and our treasured collectors! We appreciate all of your support. Enjoy these party pics and feel free to tag yourselves. Images from the party below © Jon Linton

Copies of the Stumble Bones : Da Funny pages available for purchase online as well as a digital version below.

SUNDAY, MAY 24th 3-6pm at the gallery 24 Main St. Bisbee, AZ 85603

Come celebrate the printing of Poe’s complete Stumble Bones Limited Edition. A gathering of all the stories, jokes and vignettes in one collector’s printing. 60 copies will be on hand, hot off the press. Poe will be signing and stamping them and toasting to his friend Stumble.

We hope you’ll come toast some “Zin-Fin-All” with Stumble, Poe and other fans. Peruse the limited edition printing and take in all the original Stumbles we can fit on the walls. It’ll be a jazzy shindig worthy of the floating skeleton himself and a great time to pick out a Father’s Day gift!

RSVP by May 20th | 520 432 5338 | info@sampoegallery.com


Stumbling to life
"Stumble Bones in Da Funny Pages"

The holy trinity always confused me. How could all three fit into one body? Who decided what they would have for breakfast? Which one of the ten commandments did they each choose? It wasn't until I discovered 3 in 1 oil that I got it! Then it all made sense. Stumble Bones, me main man in the book, is like a can o' 3 in 1 oil: part "he", part "me", part "crow". The two sets of twins (the crows & the Stumbles) are some of the multiple personalities of the one Stumble Bones.

The book is tribute to some comic geniuses of the past: Buster Keaton, W.C. Fields, Marx Brothers, George Herrman and a few others. They are all part of me now and I tried to get a little bit of them, and me, on these pages.